Sunday, February 12, 2006

Andy McKee

Before I do anything else today, I wanted to mention the show I went to last night.
Andy McKee, a 26 year guitar god from Topeka Kansas, plays finger style guitar, which is just amazing to see. He'll pluck the strings, tap the fret, drum the body of the guitar.. and he does it all with such ease, it really blew my mind. He played one song on an acoustic harp guitar, which is the picture above. Andy has four mp3's on his site, to make it easier for you, I've direct linked to them below.

Drifting - This is the song he opened with. I was thinking as I was watching him play a sort of drum beat as he played guitar, that my friends are never going to believe this!

7-14 - He played this song, it was inspired by his good friends wedding date.

Nocturne - A song about the night. Great harmonic action going on here.

She - Song written for his girlfriend of 5 years. He joked that he called it "She", rather then naming it after her, just in case something happened in the future.. everyone shared a good laugh at that one.

I saved the best for last. Andy also has a MySpace site, which has a few other songs on it. He did an arrangement of a song called Africa - the old 80's tune. This was worth the concert alone! Click the link below:
Andy McKee - MySpace