Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy day.

A brief converastion with my sister.

Rob Gorczyca: happy early valentines day.
Melanie: yeah same to you
Rob Gorczyca: I remember when i was like in 1st grade, we all made little bags and hung them at our work station, and everyone would go around and give out their v-day card that we signed.. haha. it was like the teachers were making us play a dating game for young kids.
Melanie: I remember that I think I saved the boys that I liked at the time and put them in my scrapbook! haha
Melanie: what did you get jen
Rob Gorczyca: i got her that deer.. all that deer meat. that's all hers. to do with what she pleases.
Rob Gorczyca: awesome ain't i?
Melanie: your an idiot